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The table should present the name of the label, the destination page’s heading label, and the destination page’s 


You Tube Recommended For You You Tube
News News News – News
Gmail Gmail Gmail – Gmail
Drive Drive Drive – Drive
Calendar Calendar Calendar – Google Calendar
Label Destination Heading’s Label Destinations Title Label
You+ +Mohan +Mohan+
Search Google Search – Google
Images Google Images Images – Google Images
Maps Google Maps – Google
Play Play Pick In Game Play – Google P
  1. What labels you did not like and why, and suggests improvements.

I would like to suggest that the size of the label on the top- page should change, because its bit confusing since it’s all clustered. Also another suggestion to have the same navigation and layout on You Tube, just like the Google home page.

2.Whether there were any inconsistencies in the labelling system between the pages (in terms of style, presentation, syntax, granularity, comprehensiveness and audience.

Google preserves it’s quality and keeps its home page very simple and consistence. This prevents the user from distraction and makes the visitor to accomplish the task successfully. However Google navigation on YOU Tube, made the company look different from its branding.

3. Examine at least two other similar or competing web sites.  How similar are the labelling systems?  Is any one site clearly the winner (and if so, why)?




Bing is another search engine, which gives the user similar service like Google. Bing uses a simple layout and follows similar patter to Google. Even though the consistence is sustain by BING through the web layout. When images are click entire page changes and having no form of labeling. Bing has not attracted many users like Google. However, to make a difference experience to its users Bing implemented changing background on their homepage.




Yahoo! 7 has different concept to Google and Bing. The main page is filled with Information and looks bit complicated. When considering with space usage Yahoo!7 has taken the full advantage, but not with their labelling system which is impossible to follow.


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Reason: Trusted: Reliable: consistence and mostly simplicity. 


List in alphabetical order

Arrange the following list in alphabetical order,


  • El Paso, Texas
  • Saint Nicholas, Belgium
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • XVIIme siècle
  • .38 Special
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • New York, New York
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • The 1-2-3 of Magic
  • Albany, New York
  • #!%&: Creating Comic Books
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • $35 a Day Through Europe
  • H20: The Beauty of Water
  • Plzen, Czech Republic

Organising things not easy as it seems to be! Try it out !!

  • #!%&: Creating Comic Books
  • $35 a Day Through Europe
  • .38 Special
  • The 1-2-3 of Magic
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Albany, New York
  • El Paso, Texas
  • H20: The Beauty of Water
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • New York, New York
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Plzen, Czech Republic
  • Saint Nicholas, Belgium
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • XVIIme siècle

1.Did you put The Hague under T or H?

The Hague under H, because when sorting alphabetically, titles that start with “A” or “The” typically ignore those words. Hague is a Noun.

2. Did you put El Paso under E or P?

El Paso under E since the first word ‘El’ starts with E.  

3.Which came first in your list, Newark or New York?

Newark comes first before New York because after New ‘a’ is the 1 letter in alphabet while ‘Y’ is the 25 letter in alphabet.

4.Does St. Louis come before or after Saint Nicholas?

St. Louis comes after Saint Nicholas because after S ‘t’ is the 20 letter in alphabet while ‘a’ is the 1 letter in alphabet

5.How did you handle numbers, punctuation, and special characters?

Special characters take priority in the alphabetical list and they come before numbers and alphabet characters. Eg: Symbols first, then numbers from 0 to 9, then letters in alphabetical order. Method followed  ASCII sort order

6.Assuming the italicised terms are book titles, what might be a more useful way to organise this list?

Two lists, one which specifies locations and another which includes all the media. Another is to sorting out the book titles from the entire list and then organise them alphabetically.

7.If the cities represent places you’ve visited and the book titles are ones you’ve read, how could chronology be used to order the list in a more meaningful way?

Chronology could be used to order the list in a more meaningfully.For places: Time, date and day & Books read: The book I read first

8. Look at how some of the other students have organised this information and comment on their blogs

Other students:

Information Architecture


Gathering information and recognizing its functionality into a structure that people are  manoeuvring doesn’t happen by chance. Particular business should understand the information architecture or else they run themselves into great deal of risk of unnecessary information of content and functionality.It is common to think of solid structures when you hear the word “architect”.  These structures are design and build for a purpose with great expertise. Think about the place you are in right now.  To be more precise information architect describes the structure of a system, as to how information is grouped, Navigation and terminology. Effective information architecture (IA) creates an impression to the user they are getting closer to the information they require.  Most users lose confidence when they cannot find the information required from the particular website, that’s when they stop and think about how information is organized. During the 1975, Richard Saul Wurman trained architect, who later became interested in the way information, was gather defined information architecture as “organizing the patterns in data, making the complex clear”. This term was largely used by Peter Morville in early 1996 so define structuring large-scale websites and intranets.  Steps, we could use to create an effective IA.

Clear purpose of the website


Understanding an organization’ core business objectives, resources and constraints before developing the IA. Using different techniques can be used such as reading existing document sad stakeholder interviews, etc.

Understand the User


Styles of Information Architecture


Bottom-up information Architecture- details relationship between the content and show how the system could support user requirements.

Top- down information architecture- board understanding of business strategies and user needs.



Technique used to identify and evaluate the various types of user behaviors in the system. This is a basic and economical method.



Be consistence, user expects the website to carry out a well manage template throughout.Inconsistency has a tendency to confuse the user.

 Information Architecture websites

BBC News Online is the website of BBC News, the division of the BBC responsible for newsgathering and production. The website is the most popular news website in the United Kingdom and forms a major part of BBC Online ( The site records around 14 million unique users a week (around 60 to 70% of visitors are from the UK)


Web Technology


Web 3.0 – Read, Write and Execute

  •  Basic concept
    •  Web 3.0 still Under development
    • computer collect and understand the information created by human.
    • Computer can execute information user want. Also,
    • Internet acts as the  database

Web 2.0 Read & Write


Web 2.0 is the term given to describe the second generation of the world wide web. It allows users to interact with each other. Blogs, Wikipedia and web services are components of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 can be described in three parts.

  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) Eg: Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Sun Java
  • Web-oriented Architecture (WOA) -Eg: Feeds, web services, mash-ups
  • Social Web- Youtube

Web 1.0 Read


Web 1.0 provided information, involvement of the user was not possible. This was regarded as one way communication. In fact only reading was possible.

Feed Reader- Feedly

Easy navigation throughout the well design layout. Feedly is not a complicated site  that takes long to understand its features. Allows the user to change the colour theme. Feedly is a RSS reader application. Its a use full application simply because it keeps to update for the information or website that you need to be with. The information provided is accurate and but synchronize. Am not a expert on RSS, surely seen the fancy icon, didn’t have a clue. By using Feedly, i have change the traditional way of browsing the website for sure :-).  I may be not accurate on my judgements about Feedly with  few days as a use, However Pros and Cons for Feedly so far.

Pros : 

  • Synchronize information of your favourite website
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Easy Subscribe and unsubscriber
  • Unnecessary information or advertisement


  • Information provided is accurate or is it relevant
  • Article redundancy
  • Not many of the sites are with RSS
  • Personal information to register with RSS

Worth a Try!!!

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Ning Networks

Ning offers customers the ability to create a community website with customize appearance. This is an paid online platform for people and organisations. Ning appeals to people who wants to create their community and social network with their own visual design. 

Ning Features 

  • Instant community
  • Iphone interface 
  • Ning design studio
  • User-generated content
  • Social integration. – Built-in integration with Facebook, MySpace and twitter
  • Search engine optimized

A Ning community can integrate with online services like Facebook, Twitter and Google. For instance, people can join a Ning Network using their Facebook or Twitter account, and share content from a Ning Network directly to their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Ning Network sells their service after 14 day trial (Free), into three different stages, Basic, Performance and Ultimate.  


Shall we network via this blog?

Dear Colleagues

So here I am, a novice to blogging, and here goes my first blog. Let me introduce myself.

I am Mohan Perera, and this Blog is dedicated to the 3623ICT – Information and Content Management course and subsequent topics of discussion surrounding it. I’m a third year student, and look forward to graduate successfully at the end of this year. I come from beautiful island called Sri Lanka.

Currently I work as a part-time Business Analyst and Business Developer for an organization. I have channelled my skills and knowledge towards the development of the organisation as well as personal development. The days are challenging, yet exciting, as I have the opportunity to meet and interact with new people from diverse backgrounds and build strong business relationships. This is a unique opportunity that I have been privileged with in a short span of time. It is my belief that success in life, doesn’t come easily, but instead comes with time and the amount of challenges that you choose to accept. I am also a seasonal tutor for Griffith University Nathan. My aim in life is to become a successful business leader, and the first step to achieve my dream is to finish my degree successfully and move forward into the industry to apply the academic knowledge which I have accumulated over these past three years, into the real world.

Blogging seems to be an interesting experience and I look forward to being adventurous in studying what this course has to offer me and would want to share my ideas with my colleagues and vice versa. I am certain I will meet interesting people and am ready to embrace with a warm Smile :-).